From the Locked Psych Ward

I spent the day in a locked Psych Ward, or the “BHU” as we call it.

It was loud and filled with free range clients walking, talking and visiting  with each other, or rocking in corners.

Judging  people and ignoring them as nuisances is too easy. Seeing them as people who are ill and in pain means recognizing that they need and deserve more care. Care is scary,  hard, and time consuming.
Receiving good care should be their right.

Why am I bothering you with this on a page about to h homelessness and poverty: it is hard to hold a job when you can’t think clearly. A job means money and money means housing and housing means you are less of an expense for the other taxpayers. Sound mental health is also key to staying close to family and friends who are your support networks.

#JeSuisCharlie , Mental Illness, drawing Muhammad and Hyper Religiosity

This picture is more of a sin than killing people.

What I’ve done by drawing this is to create a graven image and made an idol out if Jesus and even worse, out of Muhammad. In Muslim culture it is frowned upon to draw or create the human form.

Working with the severely mentally ill is a lot like spending time with my Bible Thumping friends.

Everything is Black or White, there is no middle ground. God is always watching and we are always being judged and for sure the fires of Hell are licking at our ankles.

Sure, God the creator made butterflies and rainbows, but up in His Heaven he is screaming and demanding my blood run out of my flesh for portray get Jesus and Muhammad in a picture. I’ve turned them into idols and shifted the focus off of God – the unknowable and unseeable. I have blasphemed.

In France things got very serious this week. A group of religion zealots massacred a magazine staff at Charlie Hebdo because their cartoonist drew Muhammad and had run other cartoons and drawings of the long dead prophet. There was a 2006 French lawsuit about this and the magazine won. Charlie Hebdo is a satire magazine, it uses comedy to dig serious issues up and hold them out for exploration. Yes, their cartoons of Muhammad had him with

1. A bomb as a turbanew

2. A huge nose

3. Crazy eyes (not Orange is the New Black character, just the physical feature)

4. Surrounded by other religious extremist.

He did what I just did and now he and his coworkers are dead. A group of grown up people believed they would go straight to hell if they let those people live.
Like I said, it is very much like talking to unmedicated, untreated paranoid schizophrenics who lived on skid row.


Religious fevers. If you spend all your time focused on the sins of others, how do you find the time to work on your own life?

#jesuischarlie it means “I am Charlie”