Los Angeles’s New Map for Overnight

If you live in your car or have to sleep in your car overnight, you need to know about the new rules for where this is legal. Restrictions have been placed to keep you away from parks, schools and day cars. (Apparently the LA City council thinks you are all child molesters ?) Do you see […]

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Domestic Violence Victems who work

have new protections in Conneticut. http://www.mondaq.com/unitedstates/article.asp?articleid=102508 “explicitly prohibits an employer from refusing to hire, terminating, penalizing, threatening, or otherwise retaliating against any employee because the worker is a victim of family violence or because the employee attends or participates in a court proceeding related to a civil case in which he or she is a […]

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Homeless is a “life style choice”

Re: Assembly Bill 2706 157,000 Californians are making a “Lifestyle Choice” by being Homeless . So says Republican Anthony Adams. No wonder they tried to recall him and he won’t run for re-election. Some of the men and women I have met at work ARE making a life style choice. they have family who would […]

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Is it a CRIME or are you just MEAN?

Attitudes that the homeless citizens  are stray animals who breed and come back to places that feed them  are becoming more prevalent in society. “They are homeless because they are lazy” “god has turne dhis back on them because they are bad”, “The sins of the father are being visited on the son”, “If he had […]

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Double Talk

“Wiley pointed out that the city offers a multitude of services for the homeless and recently unveiled a 12-point plan featuring a three-pronged approach of enforcement, intervention and prevention to deal with homelessness on the South Coast.” 3 prongs, 12 points – HUH?!? Be specific. You know my favorite three words “Measurable, Observable, and Achievable” […]

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