Donating After Disaster

Grab on to that urge to give. Dont let it slip away. Please leave a comment with a place that you know of where people can donate money, food, items, clothing, or their time. These places can be at local disaster sites like Texas and Tennessee during Hurricane Harvey or local nonprofits. The reason you’reContinue reading “Donating After Disaster”

Death on Crocker St -revisited

Death on Crocker St. This is my throwback Thursday link. Living out in the element with no shelter, sunblock, reliable nutrition, healthcare, clean toilets, leads to a shortened life.   Thousands of years ago humans had a shorter life span. In third world countries people died like this. But this is in Los Angeles :myContinue reading “Death on Crocker St -revisited”

Meet Linda Harris

Singer, resident of Skid Row, and I saw her on The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS. I was writing about the show on my Facebook when Darlene Altemeier Dobbs (my friend, a painter, and also resident of skid Row) mentioned to look for Linda.) This is Jackie and Linda from after The United WayContinue reading “Meet Linda Harris”

Double Murder – a year later

What happened Easter morning in 2009 at The Lamp Lodge in LA’s Skid Row and what does it say about the safety and services for residents there . . . Read the City Journal’s story on the Truth about Policing and Skid Row for an animated accounting of the murder and reasons behind it. BasicallyContinue reading “Double Murder – a year later”

Bon Jovi goes to LAMP

Monday morning, Steve Lopez of the LA Times and Bon Jovi visited Lamp Community. Read more HERE. Lamp has a new web page and apparently is switching executive directors.  Congratulations to  Shannon Murray Interim Executive DirectorOther really cool and impressive people to watch at LAMP are: Lawrence Manley Food Services Manager. Great big man whoContinue reading “Bon Jovi goes to LAMP”

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