Should $12 and a Knife Cost a Life?

A letter mailed in February was answered in September by Los Angeles County. It denied the release of a peaceful elderly prisoner who has served over 30 years for stealing $12 while holding a knife. Yikes. Justice is not always just. Covid-19 is in the prisons and jails. Can we reform the prisons and legalContinue reading “Should $12 and a Knife Cost a Life?”

#2020LACountyHIConference take aways

I’m sitting at this conference in a lovely room with 600 other people (I did 3rd grade math , 10 bodies per table, 40 tables in the room and an overflow room). This is what I’m taking from the conference… Granted, I’m cranky from spending $24 parking and being turned away from the registration… CaliforniaContinue reading “#2020LACountyHIConference take aways”

It’s raining, and the old man is asleep on the sidewalk getting soaked

open winter shelter and prevent the cost of sick and wet neighbors

My thoughts on the LA Times and Daily News articles

Full disclosure, I am sitting outside of my office watching a man walk down the street and scream obsenities into the air… I don’t have a Public Health degree and I can’t read the article because I don’t have an LA Times Subscription. My Facebook feed is frenzied by this article. Never the less –Continue reading “My thoughts on the LA Times and Daily News articles”

Free With EBT

FREE-MUSEUMS This is the list of LA County museums and activities that a person with Photo ID & a CalFresh/EBT Card can enter free of charge. (Except Kidspace, they have a nominal fee). Entry is covered for the children on the case also. I am a supporter of this program because I know that exposureContinue reading “Free With EBT”

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