24 hour Fitness in Sherman Oaks is hiring

24 Hr. Fitness will be hosting a Hiring Event on Tuesday, December 11th from 2pm-4pm. Apply online at https://careers.24hourfitness.com/ or using the links below. Make sure to take your resume the day of the event.   Sherman Oaks Galleria Jobs: Service Representative – Sherman Oaks Galleria Service Representative Night – Sherman Oaks Galleria Sales AdvisorContinue reading “24 hour Fitness in Sherman Oaks is hiring”

The Vocational Assessment 

The primary goal of GAIN is to be a true Welfare to Work plan. before a client finds work, it is helpful for them to have an idea of their strengths and interests. Enter the Vocational Assessment. Today I went to the Valley Assessment Center at Los Angeles Valley Community College and took an assessmentContinue reading “The Vocational Assessment “

The truth about Minimum Wage

“Common Sense” – aka knowledge held by the common man fails in this argument. The LA City Council studied 3 peer reviewed studies before increasing minimum wage. I don’t know what they read – but here is some of what I found.   Neoclassical economic theories present a clear prediction: as the price of laborContinue reading “The truth about Minimum Wage”

Living Wage – what you need to earn to actually survive

Hourly Wages 1 Adult 1 Adult, 1 Child 1 Adult, 2 Children 1 Adult, 3 Children 2 Adults 2 Adults, 1 Child 2 Adults, 2 Children 2 Adults, 3 Children Living Wage $11.37 $23.53 $27.15 $33.96 $17.20 $21.62 $22.95 $27.97 Poverty Wage $5.21 $7.00 $8.80 $10.60 $7.00 $8.80 $10.60 $12.40 Minimum Wage $9.00 $9.00 $9.00Continue reading “Living Wage – what you need to earn to actually survive”

Office Realism

Every show about workers may need a reality check. Today in the office: + discussions about who took dance as a child and practicing dance moves in the bathroom mirror +people who use the elevator railing as a ballet bar. + can someone take Marco to the Big and Tall shop for shirts +the dudeContinue reading “Office Realism”

Questions and Answers

I started this blog in a Los Vegas hotel room where I was celebrating my birthday with my friends Bonnie and Isabel. There had been a few times when they visited my work place on Skid Row (a few times in the dark, and witnessed the underbelly of poverty). They, my mother, and almost IContinue reading “Questions and Answers”

Follow Jesus or Facebook friends, but Not Yourself

Helplessness is not a skill that will should be learned or perfected. Lead your own life. Ask for help if you need to pick a direction; and then take action. Every day I have to (yes, I have to – it is actually part of my job as well as a compulsion) tell grown peopleContinue reading “Follow Jesus or Facebook friends, but Not Yourself”

Wicked Witch of the Welfare Office

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