Deserving Poor vs Non Deserving Poor

by Don Garza I saw two videos in the past month in which the people speaking made a distinction between homeless people : we call them the deserving poor and the non deserving poor. Many people suffer with illnesses that can not be seen . Not only mental illness , but physical illness and theyContinue reading “Deserving Poor vs Non Deserving Poor”

Why Food Stamp Users are Angrier About Foodstamps Than You Are

Changes are needed @calfresh1 @dpss_calfresh @mrtempower @hildasolis

7 Steps to Prevent Child Abuse Reporting – Because I HATE It.

Bad Parenting = I will have to report you and that in uncomfortable for everyone.

#FoodStampChallenge is worse than a hard level of @CandyCrushSaga

@candycrushsaga is easier that #foodstampchallenge for @mendpoverty. I am hungry and tired!

Don’t Blame Me ; Social Worker Rant

Maybe I missed it when I was poor What is the magical allure to not having money? Why is staying home ( or in someone else’s home) a better idea than coming to my office or sticking to the plan that YOU chose? I don’t get it. Once a week I check the database toContinue reading “Don’t Blame Me ; Social Worker Rant”

Living Third World in a First World Country

#fb is Homelessness a #FirstWorldProblem? @padschicago@Path @Ascencia @Invisiblepeople

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