Shared Housing

Means room mates and housemates. It isn’t prison. And it isn’t just for young kids fresh out of college. Sharing a living space can be a great social support system in addition to saving money by splitting the cost of housing. Behold: The Golden Girls (shhhhh I love them).

The exhausting state of being a professional advocate for ending Homelessness

Really, it seems simple. California, of all places is especially equipped to feed and house the residents here. California grows enough food to feed the nation. True, our diet would be steak, milk, oranges, strawberries, watermelon and artichoke but who is complaining about that? There are 18,600,000 vacant homes in the United States. There areContinue reading “The exhausting state of being a professional advocate for ending Homelessness”


Wow, that is a long hashtag, right? The issue attached to it also can’t be easily captured succinctly. But the facts remain, that people with mental illness are less likely to kill or injure others than those without a diagnosis. They must be broken Homelessness and Gun Violence have something in common, we assign theContinue reading “#MentallyIllarelesslikelytokill”

Learning to be Housed

” How important is it that I pay rent ?”. As jaw droppingly stupid as hearing those words from someone who is expecting a new car tomorrow is – I heard them last night. Often homelessness is caused – not by lack of resources- but by the unwise spending of resources. (Gas to go farContinue reading “Learning to be Housed”

Things I wish Would Happen to End Homelessness

#fb. These steps would solve the problem. If only I could snap my fingers and make it happen. Create affordable housing  that a single parent of one child who earns minimum wage can afford to rent. Do this by increasing the amount of housing available – ie: step 2 Convert half of the empty downtownContinue reading “Things I wish Would Happen to End Homelessness”

PATH, Union Station and VOA awarded funds

Federal funds were released through the County Board of Supervisors on Aug 31, 2010 to these three agencies serving the homeless in LA. Union Station is based in Pasadena California, PATH has the PATH Mall and smaller satellite sites (PATH Achieve in Glendale being my favorite – however Joel John Roberts and Carlos Gonzalez in theContinue reading “PATH, Union Station and VOA awarded funds”

NIMBY-ism in Dallas housing solution

I wonder if Dallas Texas City Council member Dave Neumann and Scott Griggs, president of the Fort Worth Avenue Development Group want to know about the mental health and income of everyone in their city – or if they are prejudice against the homeless? Apparently if you have been homeless then you should not be able toContinue reading “NIMBY-ism in Dallas housing solution”

Can mothers who are Homeless find success

From my perspective, mothers   need BOTH a stable place to feel secure in their physical environment and security in their emotional environment to feel successful. The same can be said of everyone, actually. Poor single mothers who had experienced an episode of homelessness and had symptoms of depression, but had a work history ofContinue reading “Can mothers who are Homeless find success”

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