ACEs and the causes of Homelessness

If you really want to be depressed, read on….. These are the nine major causes of homelessness. The next picture are the 10 areas of adverse childhood experiences with those nine causes of homelessness overlaid into those boxes so you can see how they connect. I’m not telling you to feel sorry for anybody who’sContinue reading “ACEs and the causes of Homelessness”

Remnants of hope

It’s mostly shampoos and soaps and remnants of hopes left to crumble to dust in the hotel room. The person’s gone they’ve traveled on to glory, to a new story, to the psych ward or a place with more gloom Letters to know one Notes that will never be read From a soul living aContinue reading “Remnants of hope”

March 27th – Updates to services re COVID-19

Hello, Things are changing fast in the world and we are doing our best to keep up. Please let me know if there are any Homeless Related services or questions you want to be researched and answered. HANG IN THERE! Here are updates for you, March 27th. 211 Always a good first call, and theirContinue reading “March 27th – Updates to services re COVID-19”

The Game to Teach You how to Identify and treat homelessness

Learning is fun, and studies have shown that you remember better when you enjoy the process. Several times a day I’m asked to examine someone’s living situation and give a determination of their housing status. What I know to be true, and my understanding of the federal guidelines of homelessness has been information that’s heldContinue reading “The Game to Teach You how to Identify and treat homelessness”

Defining Homelessness

Surprise! Homelessness is a complicated issue, right down to who is homeless and what type of homeless situation they are experiencing. Unsheltered, Emergency Sheltered, Conditionally Sheltered, Unhappily/inappropriately housed… Here is a short explanation of each.    

It’s raining, and the old man is asleep on the sidewalk getting soaked

open winter shelter and prevent the cost of sick and wet neighbors

New Eyes, Welcome to Hell

Today I had a new staff member join my team. It will be their job to work inside of a hospital emergency room and talk to clients who come in who are homeless, specifically those who are homeless with mental health or substance use issues. While the same person has worked gently with Medical systemsContinue reading “New Eyes, Welcome to Hell”

Homelessness is Bad. The Homeless are Just People.

I have been taking part of a Facebook group run by channel 7 ABC. They are discussing homelessness and solutions and issues. But mostly it’s just a place for people to fight about homelessness. Some people think that all homeless people are criminals, they are illegal aliens or choosing homelessness. They accuse these street residentsContinue reading “Homelessness is Bad. The Homeless are Just People.”

AB 516 at LA City Hall

Should Los Angeles tow the RVs people live in on the streets of Los Angeles? Me? I don’t think so any person wants to live in an RV but this “housing adjacent” state is better than being on the street proper. It is storage for food that stretches food budgets, it is privacy and aContinue reading “AB 516 at LA City Hall”

URM the Difference

Today I was in the Union Rescue Mission for the second time. The first time I went inside the building , I was pregnant with Darla and snuck out of Maternity triage to serve Thanksgiving dinner with the crew and cast of The Bold and the Beautiful (@BandB_CBS). I was not prepared for what IContinue reading “URM the Difference”

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