Why you may hear screaming from my side of the desk – flashback to my GAIN days

The job market has not improved to any degree that includes my unskilled and uneducated clients. Private, for-profit, vocational “Schools” are lurking buzzards trying to feed off my slower and more vulnerable decision makers.  It has been a long time since someone has come in and told me that I made a difference in their […]

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$50 is the entry fee to homelessness

My friend and former co-worker Carlos works at PATH now. He told me that Zillow did a study about the risk of homelessness to renters in 2017 and apparently they did really accurate research because they are right. This means if you are renting a 1 BD apartment at $1,000 a month. For starters, you’re […]

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Gaslighting and Why We Don’t Leave Abusers

“How could these parents bring their kids to live on the street ?” vs “Why did you stay when he hit you?” As I have been saying for years, many of my clients have become homeless because they needed to escape an abusive relationship. They left. They escaped. They took their kids with them. During […]

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Toilets, Because s#!+ Happens

Los Angeles has self cleaning toilets for the public to use. What this really means is that there are self-cleaning toilets out there that homeless people can use because the general public can use a toilet inside a restaurant or a store that their patronizing has homeless people are often turned away by signs that […]

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Homeless Showers

View this post on Instagram Thank you @sfvrescue for partnering with MEND every Tuesday for our Homeless Outreach Day. Your mobile shower always helps meet the needs of our clients! #peoplehelpingpeople #SFRescueMENDingPoverty A post shared by MEND Poverty (@mendpoverty) on Mar 28, 2017 at 11:06am PDT The San Fernando Valley  Rescue Mission and MEND combining […]

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It is unfortunate when you have an unpleasant body smell. Sometimes they can be avoided, but sometimes they are results of lifestyle choices or financial situations. Smokers: breath mints in the inside and Fabreeze on the outside (or stop smoking). Urine leaks : while baby wipes may seem to be the logical answer, a better […]

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