Toilet Paper Tampon

The “luxury tax” on tampons and pads adds just one more layer of impossibly annoying barriers to hygiene for low income women. The fact is that many women cannot afford tampons or pads and so they go without. They make the time-honored toilet paper tampon which is something all women have had to use atContinue reading “Toilet Paper Tampon”

Jason Missel – lost on Skid Row

Authorities are asking for the public’s help in identifying a mentally disabled man who was dumped on downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row over half a year ago and doesn’t  know his name. …[He] has ‘Jason’ tattooed on his arm. He does not remember his birthday and has no idea where his family might be. WhenContinue reading “Jason Missel – lost on Skid Row”

When the government closes your shelter…

Your plan is in action to leave  government assistance – until the government assists you back onto the streets. You are not as important as a new sports center and shops funded by the Barlays.  Prospect heights homeless shelter families were moved, all 35 of them to other shelters in a neighborhood that already isContinue reading “When the government closes your shelter…”

Military Homeless Rant

Pardon me for a moment while I get quite pissed off.Why?! Why! Why do we have homeless veteranss? Seriously? If you served and were honorably discharged – you shold be immune form ever being homeless. Period. This should be especially true if you are homeless as a result of your service to the rest ofContinue reading “Military Homeless Rant”

North Hollywood: Shame!

6601 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA  :above Victory, near the Kiddie Day Care and in between Jack In the Box and Seven Eleven, across from the strip club, The Lair (BDSM club), and a car wash: is the now abandoned Coco’s where physical trash collects and overflows. It’s gross! I went to pick up garbageContinue reading “North Hollywood: Shame!”

LAHSA is right about Homeless dumping

LAHSA was asked about the problem of homeless hospital patients being driven to Skid Row, and left there because they have no homes to return to, in a LA TIMES article . Permanent shelter beds, transitional shelters and low income housing – we need so many more of these facilities. We need them for theContinue reading “LAHSA is right about Homeless dumping”

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