Free Vision Check and Glasses for Kids

        May 3, 2010 FREE  VISION EXAM AND GLASSES  FOR AGES 5-18 (ONLY)   BY APPOINTMENT ONLY   call (323) 898-6087 Aziza   The event will be held at the Cal. Science Center…we have volunteers who will take the kids into the Center for enrichment while they await their appointment …we will have the Jr. Blind of America on handContinue reading “Free Vision Check and Glasses for Kids”

Hey Gallager Bassett…

Why are you denying spinal surgery for a lady M.G. who is now homeless and can not work until she has three herniated discs moved off her spinal cord. She fell at her old job and has not gotten worker’s compensation nor been able to find new employment. Now she is weak, sick and trying toContinue reading “Hey Gallager Bassett…”

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