Conspiracy by Carol W

This was posted on a Facebook group today. Before you read I suggest that you go get some popcorn and then a chair with a seatbelt because I don’t want you to fall to the floor with disbelief or laughter. the homeless situation. Anonymous post I speak from experience and can back up everything thatContinue reading “Conspiracy by Carol W”

“THOSE kind of people”

I received a comment that Koch Industries funding for the homeless would be wasted because “those kind of people” are not good press and instead of supporting the effort to end the causes or symptoms of homelessness – funders will be “bemoaned”. Really? What kind of people are the homeless really and how do you seeContinue reading ““THOSE kind of people””

No Pity Policy

Demand to be treated with dignity and addressed as a thinking, capable human being. In return, I will expect you to act like one.

IHSS, filled with fraud or underfunded

interresting article here It is less costly for someone to stay in their home than for Medi-cal to pay $3,000 or $4,000 a month for the cloent to go into long term care, however, there is a bunch of fraud. Calm down, I have seen the fraud myself, when working with an Area Agency onContinue reading “IHSS, filled with fraud or underfunded”

Homeless help in the Federal budget!

as quoted from the AP AP) In coming months, the Housing and Urban Development Department will oversee at least a tenfold increase in spending on programs designed to prevent homelessness, officials said Thursday. Tucked within the economic stimulus bill recently signed by President Barack Obama was $1.5 billion to help families pay rent, make securityContinue reading “Homeless help in the Federal budget!”

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