Dot Head … Freedom of Hate Speech 

There has been a change in our culture within the last week. Has there been a change in your behavior ? A proposed change in-country leadership has put a man who has used words and phrases that alienates pacific groups of people. A man who is followed and celebrated by the white power in KluContinue reading “Dot Head … Freedom of Hate Speech “

Politics are Personal

“All politics are local”-Tip O, when speaker of the house I take politics personally because they touch my lifeet. The laws and the people who pass them create the system in which we live. We have clean water. We are not being bombed. My kids have access to vaccinations. Our food is safe to eat.Continue reading “Politics are Personal”

Blame the mother? Must we ?

When a woman is paid significantly less than a man is, and the man in her family is not in the home but she has children to feed : a boyfriend is as much an economical tool as he is an emotional partner. If men are paid more, then a man is needed to payContinue reading “Blame the mother? Must we ?”

Questions and Answers

I started this blog in a Los Vegas hotel room where I was celebrating my birthday with my friends Bonnie and Isabel. There had been a few times when they visited my work place on Skid Row (a few times in the dark, and witnessed the underbelly of poverty). They, my mother, and almost IContinue reading “Questions and Answers”

Tell Me Why You Are Great.

If we are friends : I can answer this for you.  But, do you know your own strengths and weaknesses? This challenge is a combination of my case management technique and a reaction to internet memes asking me to name any accomplishment made by ——(fill in the blank , usually Hillary Clinton)—– in the lastContinue reading “Tell Me Why You Are Great.”

#FoodStampChallenge is worse than a hard level of @CandyCrushSaga

@candycrushsaga is easier that #foodstampchallenge for @mendpoverty. I am hungry and tired!

Living Third World in a First World Country

#fb is Homelessness a #FirstWorldProblem? @padschicago@Path @Ascencia @Invisiblepeople

10-10-10 What I am doing for Homeless Awareness

#fb I am spending the night sleeping on Skid Row. I don’t want to insult anyone by pretending to be homeless and then going home to my soft bed and exploiting the experience for attention. That’s too rude even for me. I want to show you somethings and get you to help me answer thisContinue reading “10-10-10 What I am doing for Homeless Awareness”

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