Poor People Shouldn’t Buy…

I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for all kinds of things. When my taxes are spent with the Military, I am not asked for an opinion about which brand of ammunition should be purchased. My Education tax dollars do not give me an invitation to decide which texts should be in the curriculum,Continue reading “Poor People Shouldn’t Buy…”

What People on Public Assistance Are Actually Asking For vs What Public Opinion Believes the Poor Have Signed Up For

The Crumb Diaries (great blog and I follow on Facebook) has posed a series of questions about people on food stamps who then use cash to purchase non-food stamp-eligible items that may be seen as “vice” items. Beer, cigarettes, cold medicine, gum, hard liquor:  these are the items that incite rage into the taxpayers whoContinue reading “What People on Public Assistance Are Actually Asking For vs What Public Opinion Believes the Poor Have Signed Up For”

Back My Kickstarter – Shedding Affluenza

Shedding Affluenza, Our book will explore poverty, racism, cultural diversity and how other people live (rich and poor) around CA and writing an ebook. @URM, @mendpoverty

The Drama Drop Show

I am a social worker and not a therapist ; but some people never understand that. Apparently those same people have a strick office trip schedule: I call them Kamikaze Fridays and they are not good times to visit me at work. Kamikaze Fridays often result in 5150 (Psychiatric) visits from the local police, orContinue reading “The Drama Drop Show”

Hungry and Frustrated , Hey Los Angeles County: what gives?

my ordeal @CountyofLA, @DonKnabe, @DPSSNews, @mridleythomas, @ZevYaroslavsky, ‏@SouthwesternLaw, @california, @mendpoverty

Don’t Blame Me ; Social Worker Rant

Maybe I missed it when I was poor What is the magical allure to not having money? Why is staying home ( or in someone else’s home) a better idea than coming to my office or sticking to the plan that YOU chose? I don’t get it. Once a week I check the database toContinue reading “Don’t Blame Me ; Social Worker Rant”

Wicked Witch of the Welfare Office

#fb @sonyakeith @ascencia

Poverty = Women’s Issue

Not all women are poor, but most of the world’s poor are women. Most of the poor in Los Angeles are women. When you think about Welfare, admit it, your brain says “Welfare Mom”, not Welfare Dad, or Welfare Family. When I am handed a stack of cases (and lately I could build cities withContinue reading “Poverty = Women’s Issue”

Welfare Warriors and Mommy Bloggers

@helpamotherout  @jessicagottlieb Today we are going to explore groups of people who  found a way to use their voices to 1. Be heard 2. Change their corner of the world to make it nicer for everyone. Let’s start with my favorite combination of these two groups: http://www.helpamotherout.org/” It can take an average of $1,100 a yearContinue reading “Welfare Warriors and Mommy Bloggers”

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