Hungry and Frustrated , Hey Los Angeles County: what gives?

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We Need To Get a Few Details Straight on Welfare

What is with the hate? I am not sure that you and I are thinking of the same things when I talk about Welfare. I read all kinds of stupid and angry posts about Welfare Queens, and Lazy Dogs who don’t know their fathers applying  and qualifying for welfare (No joke, my own Grandmother FaceBook LikedContinue reading “We Need To Get a Few Details Straight on Welfare”

8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment – Oh look, my degree is first on the list : Sociology. Not that this is a surprise.

Don’t Blame Me ; Social Worker Rant

Maybe I missed it when I was poor What is the magical allure to not having money? Why is staying home ( or in someone else’s home) a better idea than coming to my office or sticking to the plan that YOU chose? I don’t get it. Once a week I check the database toContinue reading “Don’t Blame Me ; Social Worker Rant”

Wicked Witch of the Welfare Office

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Living Third World in a First World Country

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