ACEs and the causes of Homelessness

If you really want to be depressed, read on….. These are the nine major causes of homelessness. The next picture are the 10 areas of adverse childhood experiences with those nine causes of homelessness overlaid into those boxes so you can see how they connect. I’m not telling you to feel sorry for anybody who’sContinue reading “ACEs and the causes of Homelessness”

Conspiracy by Carol W

This was posted on a Facebook group today. Before you read I suggest that you go get some popcorn and then a chair with a seatbelt because I don’t want you to fall to the floor with disbelief or laughter. the homeless situation. Anonymous post I speak from experience and can back up everything thatContinue reading “Conspiracy by Carol W”

Come to the Table

The new spotlight being shown on Los Angeles regarding the homeless crisis is starting a lot of conversations about people with substance use disorders. You would know those people by the label of “addict”. I have a thought. Instead of being a keyboard warrior who only talks about the problem, I invite you to comeContinue reading “Come to the Table”

Addiction Training

There are many causes of Homelessness. Addiction is one of the most powerful instigators. When your focus is on drugs, when your thoughts are about how to get the drugs, how the drug will make you feel, and craving the drug…it is difficult to squeeze in time and  effort to hold down a job andContinue reading “Addiction Training”

Another State Might Adopt Foolish Drug Testing Laws for Welfare – attn:

No! Just No, people! Are you going to deny benefits to drug users? What are you going to do for the children in their care? – Really? Because have you even looked at the Foster Care System? Lame. I am sad Paul Walker has learned nothing. Another State Might Adopt Foolish Drug Testing Laws forContinue reading “Another State Might Adopt Foolish Drug Testing Laws for Welfare – attn:”

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