Complicated Relationship with DPSS

I remember the first time I heard the phrase DPSS. I was 7 months pregnant with no job, no degree, and no hope. My mom told me to look at the blue pages in the phonebooth. I called and went to the Pasadena office. I was scared, the building was cold and dirty. There was noContinue reading “Complicated Relationship with DPSS”

In the E.R. with NO health Insurance 

Yesterday I was admitted to the Emergency Room for neuropathy and dizziness .   I had called the advice nurse the night before and was told to come in immediately. As you know I am a single mother, so I had to wait until I had child care. I walked into Urgent Care and theyContinue reading “In the E.R. with NO health Insurance “

Another State Might Adopt Foolish Drug Testing Laws for Welfare – attn:

No! Just No, people! Are you going to deny benefits to drug users? What are you going to do for the children in their care? – Really? Because have you even looked at the Foster Care System? Lame. I am sad Paul Walker has learned nothing. Another State Might Adopt Foolish Drug Testing Laws forContinue reading “Another State Might Adopt Foolish Drug Testing Laws for Welfare – attn:”

#FoodStampChallenge is worse than a hard level of @CandyCrushSaga

@candycrushsaga is easier that #foodstampchallenge for @mendpoverty. I am hungry and tired!

The 60 month time limit

  Welfare reform in 1996-1997 made welfare a time limited activity. There is no more Lifelong Welfare.  Ideally a family will not need Cash Aid for 5 years, which is the life time limit. You can use 3 years here, 4 months there, and on and on until the full 60 months is hit, orContinue reading “The 60 month time limit”

How to fight Urban Blight?

What is Urban Blight? The word blight typically refers to plants that are withered or rotting due to disease. Urban relates to or refers to a city or characteristic of city life. When the two terms are put together, urban blight refers to the deterioration and decay of buildings and older areas of large cities,Continue reading “How to fight Urban Blight?”

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