Welfare Warriors and Mommy Bloggers

@helpamotherout  @jessicagottlieb Today we are going to explore groups of people who  found a way to use their voices to 1. Be heard 2. Change their corner of the world to make it nicer for everyone. Let’s start with my favorite combination of these two groups: http://www.helpamotherout.org/” It can take an average of $1,100 a year […]

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Homeless Diapers –

Hey, Help a Mother Out – find these people and teach them the art of an on-going Diaper Drive. “If a diaper supply is one thing a mother could scratch off her list, more money would be available for other necessities Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?category=&storyID=898507&BCCode=&newsdate=2/9/2010#ixzz0kvgRazdE “

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HAMO- Homeless babies poop too!

Want to make a meaningful donation? Donate diapers! Help a Mother Out will help you do it! Why? Keep reading. Where do homeless families store diapers? How can they afford diapers? Diapers are expensive, I remember digging through my couch for change and trying out the cheapest diapers ever. And, I remember being super grateful […]

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