@1800Got Junk Bait and Switch

I help a lot of people move in and out of shelters, encampments, apartments, and sometimes garages. Occasionally we find that people accumulated more than they needed and sometimes it is junk that needs to be thrown away. I don’t like to refer any program or service I have not first tried. Fortunately I hateContinue reading “@1800Got Junk Bait and Switch”

my two cents about the Skid Row Gang injunction

I don’t know if you have spent day in and day out on Skid ROw in Los Angeles – but I have. I have been there over night – in the SRO’s, on the streets, sitting on stoops and in the shelters. I have seen people in the recovery programs walk out the front doorContinue reading “my two cents about the Skid Row Gang injunction”

Rev Andy at the URM

Someday I am going to meet @abales , Reverend Bales from the Union Rescue Mission. He doesn’t blog as much as I want him to – I guess he is a little busy and all, but it is so worth the read. therefore I am directly printing the link http://www.urmblog.org/category/rev-andys-blog/ . Anyway, last night I had aContinue reading “Rev Andy at the URM”

NoHo – Thank You!

ybdevelopment – THANK YOU! I will walk by the lot tonight and check it out! Thank you for your responce. I should tell you that I am biased because part of the reason I rented my apartment was because I could walk to Coco’s and eat (I shouldn’t be allowed to cook – EVER –Continue reading “NoHo – Thank You!”


RE: NORTH hOLLYWOOD Wow, the conversation on my FACEBOOK went long into the night and early morning. Maybe I should port the information over here. Thank you Mikey from Orange County for the UPN# – whatever that is. I e-mailed a link to my blog to anyone who looked remotely important in civic leadership. IContinue reading “comments”

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