One of my favorite shows is @BandB_CBS The Bold and the Beautiful there’s so much to like about the show including the fact that it’s set in Los Angeles and I like the characters and some of my favorite actors are on there but today we’re going to talk about something that really is personalContinue reading

Skid Row (and Poverty) needs a Reality Show

I see staff from @authentictv Authentic Entertainment every day at the local 7 – 11 where I sing for my coffee. At the coffee bar I explained that they worked down the street from the greatest reality show just waiting to happen – the Welfare office. A bald hipster sent a smile to me aboutContinue reading “Skid Row (and Poverty) needs a Reality Show”

What Color is a Homeless Person. Reality vs Perception

We were crowded around a computer in the corner of a transitional housing apartment building on Wednesday Night searching for pictures of homeless people. Everyone with me had been homeless in the past 10 years. 2 of them were African American, one Hispanic and two were Caucasian. I was making my point that the typicalContinue reading “What Color is a Homeless Person. Reality vs Perception”

Bradley Bell “His Mama Raised Him Right”

That is the best thing someone can say about a person. It is especially telling when someone who sees you on a regular basis shares this opinion with strangers. Last week I heard this about Bradley Bell. To be honest, this one character reference was the reason I gave a second thought to CBS showingContinue reading “Bradley Bell “His Mama Raised Him Right””

Welcome Bold and The Beautiful Fans

Wow, Bold and the Beautiful fans are super tech savvy and plugged in! I saw the link back to here from one of the chat board sites and then my stats went out of control. I assume it is all of you visiting here. Take a minute, tell me what you think and ask questions. I am havingContinue reading “Welcome Bold and The Beautiful Fans”

As seen on TV: CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful

Look for Linda Harris as story goes to The Union Rescue Mission Oct 28 + 29 @BandB_CBS #fb @urm,

Meet Linda Harris

Singer, resident of Skid Row, and I saw her on The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS. I was writing about the show on my Facebook when Darlene Altemeier Dobbs (my friend, a painter, and also resident of skid Row) mentioned to look for Linda.) This is Jackie and Linda from after The United WayContinue reading “Meet Linda Harris”

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