Drama …

I had somebody knowingly expose me to COVID this week and so now I am on self isolation. Let me tell you how hard this is with a 9-year-old in the house who just is a love bug and she likes to hug and cuddle and kiss and I love it. Except now we can’tContinue reading “Drama …”

The Homeless Scorecard

Sometimes I work with someone who is homeless and it is like playing a game of “Bingo blackout”, where almost every cause or reinforcement of poverty/homelessmess is present. This is not a fun game…it it the mental checklist I use to sort needs and plan care. Using this I can see and sort needs andContinue reading “The Homeless Scorecard”

Tide Pods, Incentives that Work

Sometimes I have a hard time getting a client who lacks housing to come to a meeting. 2 months ago I instituted the policy of giving out a @tide pod to every client every time they came in to the office to address their homeless status. Our no-show rate has plummeted from 72% to 20%Continue reading “Tide Pods, Incentives that Work”


Hey guys, So we’ve been hanging out here for over a decade (if you have been here since the beginning). When I started this in an Excalibur hotel room in Las Vegas, I was a little buzzed and talking to my friends Bonnie and Isabel. They did not understand why I spend my days onContinue reading “FAILURE . . .”

This is Social Work

I am not real unless you believe in me. I have no voice unless you listen for it. Much like a shadow, I can be seen but I have no power to move objects or create change. Sometimes, however, seeing a shadow will make you stop, look carefully, or even change direction. It is hardContinue reading “This is Social Work”

That Time I Lead a Freeway Chase With a Crazy Man in My Car

This morning I was talking to one of the parents at my little kid’s school. He asked why I assumed the helicopter sound from when my Scion blew a tire was an actual helicopter – did I have a guilty conscience? Um, yes. Yes I do. As a case manager at LMP Community I usedContinue reading “That Time I Lead a Freeway Chase With a Crazy Man in My Car”

Amish Romance Novels have Colored My Case Management

I graduated from The University of La Verne, which used to be Lordsburg ; historically a Brethren institution. Brethren, Quaker, Amish. Simple and sweet and somewhat similar. Graduation was over a decade ago and I have lost sight of some of the tenants. Fortunately I’ve been listening to the Overdrive application on my phone andContinue reading “Amish Romance Novels have Colored My Case Management”

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