Should $12 and a Knife Cost a Life?

A letter mailed in February was answered in September by Los Angeles County. It denied the release of a peaceful elderly prisoner who has served over 30 years for stealing $12 while holding a knife. Yikes. Justice is not always just. Covid-19 is in the prisons and jails. Can we reform the prisons and legalContinue reading “Should $12 and a Knife Cost a Life?”

Toilets, Because s#!+ Happens

Los Angeles has self cleaning toilets for the public to use. What this really means is that there are self-cleaning toilets out there that homeless people can use because the general public can use a toilet inside a restaurant or a store that their patronizing has homeless people are often turned away by signs thatContinue reading “Toilets, Because s#!+ Happens”

Serving the people

I wrote to Jack Seiler and this is the letter he sent back . . . In case you have forgotten, he is from FLorida where a 90 year old man is arrested for feeding the homeless. Sonya, I appreciate the opportunity to clarify much of the misinformation that has been prevalent in the mediaContinue reading “Serving the people”

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