That Time I Lead a Freeway Chase With a Crazy Man in My Car

This morning I was talking to one of the parents at my little kid’s school. He asked why I assumed the helicopter sound from when my Scion blew a tire was an actual helicopter – did I have a guilty conscience? Um, yes. Yes I do. As a case manager at LMP Community I usedContinue reading “That Time I Lead a Freeway Chase With a Crazy Man in My Car”

Skid Row (and Poverty) needs a Reality Show

I see staff from @authentictv Authentic Entertainment every day at the local 7 – 11 where I sing for my coffee. At the coffee bar I explained that they worked down the street from the greatest reality show just waiting to happen – the Welfare office. A bald hipster sent a smile to me aboutContinue reading “Skid Row (and Poverty) needs a Reality Show”

No Pity Policy

Demand to be treated with dignity and addressed as a thinking, capable human being. In return, I will expect you to act like one.

Walking on the Row

When Estela Lopez, the executive director of the Central City East Association leads a walk from the Midnight Mission in LA every first wednesday evening of the month at 6 pm. I did not know about the walk . . . I think I will leave work early and try to join them. If youContinue reading “Walking on the Row”

Burned to death for being homeless

By R. W. Dellinger Some witnesses say John Robert McGraham tried to run away from his torturer after gasoline was poured over his body and ignited as he sat on the sidewalk the warm evening of Oct. 9. But the 55-year-old homeless man, who had been living on the streets of L.A. for decades, didn’tContinue reading “Burned to death for being homeless”

homeless health

When people live practically on top of each other, not separated by walls, not sleeping in beds, unwashed by the masses and malnourished as a rule – guess what? Homeless people are prone to illness. The TB rate is through the roof, and now (cue the scary music) Dahm dumn dummmmmmmmmmmmm a STAPH INFECTION isContinue reading “homeless health”

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