Look at my orchid, is it toxic?

Now, a zoom in close for a better look… Thank you. This orchid is so demanding and I feel like I can never keep it happy. If you have friends that you want to check in with, please ask them to examine my orchid also. Call 1-800- 799-7233 for the name of a really goodContinue reading “Look at my orchid, is it toxic?”

Thank you

Even the best of us who are happy healthy and will adjusted are feeling stressed out right now. Imagine if you are receiving professional assistance with a substance use disorder, and mental health issue, and oh yeah you’re homeless. And now the entire world has been turned off. And the two shelters that I runContinue reading “Thank you”

I added a lil something to Kaiser’s photo

The super handsome guy on the bottom left of the pictures, and green and black, is my kind of sort of cousin. He is an essential employee and works at Kaiser. They made this public service picture. I like to think that I added a little some something that was needed. I refrained from theContinue reading “I added a lil something to Kaiser’s photo”

There is currently no rent freeze or moratorium on rent in California. So if you can’t pay, some action is likely required on your part. Partial payment of rent does not prevent you from being evicted unless you get a written agreement from your landlord or property manager. State and local eviction moratoriums do not prevent rent from beingContinue reading

Drama …

I had somebody knowingly expose me to COVID this week and so now I am on self isolation. Let me tell you how hard this is with a 9-year-old in the house who just is a love bug and she likes to hug and cuddle and kiss and I love it. Except now we can’tContinue reading “Drama …”

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