BLM, treat me as if I were a black man.

Every black person I’ve known has been amazing, interesting, and worth knowing… “Matters” is the lowest common denominator. Imagine the heads that would explode with a statement of“Africa is larger than the USA”“Black lives are awesome” or“Treat me like you treat a black man”. Maybe that’s what white women should be saying. Rush Limbaugh andContinue reading “BLM, treat me as if I were a black man.”

Sometimes a social worker is the right person for the police’s job

Today, June 17th, I took a sick day. That lasted until about 5:00 when I was informed that a homeless person I knew had barricaded themselves in a public bathroom inside a building that was closing. Shortly after I was called the first time somebody dialed 911 and asked for the police. I was calledContinue reading “Sometimes a social worker is the right person for the police’s job”

Homeless Services Inflaming Attachment Issues

People with happy and healthy lives don’t wander into chronic homelessness. Homeless episodes happen to folks who have experienced traumas; childhood traumas in particular. People who are in homeless services have been “jumped and dumped” into and out of programs. Those who are asking for help and have trusted us are trying to make aContinue reading “Homeless Services Inflaming Attachment Issues”

My Republican, Leftist, Agenda

25 years of case management social work and public engagement have shown me that the most important thing we can do is educate each other. We need to share the knowledge that we’ve gathered and we need to be able to independently and individually decipher that knowledge and apply it to what we’re looking at.Continue reading “My Republican, Leftist, Agenda”

Chuck – a Profile of a Skid Row Resident

Chuck has waxy islands of skin floating in his lank hair, a mild case of acne and a food encrusted shirt that fits like he is Gus Gus from Disney’s Cinderella movie. Like Gus, our hero is popular and generally jovial. He is also what my Grandma would call “simple”. Chuck is a product ofContinue reading “Chuck – a Profile of a Skid Row Resident”

What George Floyd Protest accomplished

So what has protesting accomplished? 👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained protests:Minneapolis bans use of choke holds. 👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged. 👉🏾Dallas adopts a “duty to intervene” rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force. 👉🏾New Jersey’s attorney generalContinue reading “What George Floyd Protest accomplished”

Sinner not Saint, that Black Life Mattered

The politics and religion all in one? come over here I’ve got something to show you

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