About Me

My biological mother was a chronically homeless, mentally ill, drug addict. Her disease touched the lives of everyone arousonynd her.

I am a mother of two daughters and a current Grad Student at USC  (#FightOn) working toward my MSW. Just as my mother’s situation changed the course of my life, I am hoping my choices have an impact on theirs.Addiction and Mental Illness have stigmas that prevent people from feeling dignified. These stigmas also create barriers to treatment. Stigmas don’t help people. The best way to kill a stigma is to expose it to sunlight.

I started this on February 18th, 2006 as a way to share my experiences and explain poverty and homelessness to my friends. I grew up in the beautiful and affluent city of Arcadia California where nice people did not talk about mental illness and poverty.

It is important that you understand that the views and opinions expressed here are my personal thoughts (for recreational use only) and do not reflect any employer of agency I connect with (past, present or future).

I what I do.
I also understand that poverty is not an issue that can be addressed and solved if society continues to pretend it doesn’t exist and that poverty only happens to bad people.

One thought on “About Me

  1. All homeless folks be transferred to closed military bases
    Be fed clothed and live in sanitary condition. Must stay on base till cleared to be out. Or transferred for additional help

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