Change the world, don’t just fly above it.

I wish that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, and that dude from Virgin Atlantic would join me in something truly world changing .

Ending homelessness is not rocket sciene. I was raised around rocket scientists by aerospace engineer. I was surrounded by nerds and teachers and I know that rocket science is so much easier than any homelessness. But I also know that I could end homelessness if I were given the money and the support it would take .I’d like to and homelessness and the city of Los Angeles as a beta test of my theory. Los Angeles has a great infrastructure and it is the home to many tech firms. It has everything you can imagine in a city as far as people and terrains.

everything we need and homelessness is right here. As an individual I cannot access the tools that I need although I totally know how to wield them. I want to set up a system that would end homelessness and make it a sustainable solution. All I’m asking for is the money to amplify my voice and my mission.If you want to go down in history in a way that will not make you look like a blowhard capitalist, if you want to be somebody that future generations admire love and adore and not just a name they heard about – this is the challenge for you.

Reach out and join me.

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Mommy. Social worker. Nice lady seeking to end homelessness and end poverty. FightOn

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