I am often asked about people who panhandle and beg on the street. People want to know if it’s okay to give the money and how do you select the person you give your money to.

While I do check for tennis shoes and see if their feet are in good condition and look at their skin to see if it’s been exposed to the sun and also look to see if there’s any signs that they live anywhere near the place where they are begging – I’m not going to suggest that you do the same.

I’m going to suggest that you give your money to anybody your heart feels like giving money to. If you feel like giving your money to a store because you are buying something for yourself, do that. If there is a GoFundMe that pools on your heartstrings, donate there. If you see that mother and child who are definitely not homeless on the exit of the 405 freeway at Santa Monica boulevard and you want to give her and her Michael kors purse your dollars, please do that.

Save your money or keep your money but use it as a tool in ways that benefit you and bring you peace.

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