Tiny homes in Arcadia

You guys, homelessness is a complex issue. Tiny homes. Shelters. Day centers. Outpatient mental health. Outpatient substance use treatment. Detox and inpatient treatment. Recovery bridge housing. Sober living. Group homes. Shared leases. These are all things that might work for different people. There is no one path that’s correct or effective. And for some people they will be housed and lose their housing over and over again and hopefully eventually be able to remain housed.

The calls for reopening insane asylums? Those are not bad ideas. There are several people that I know who will never be able to be self-sufficient. Bored and cares are too expensive and unable to provide the services that some of our more ill people need in order to be safe and live a life of dignity.

Almost as a big issue. It’s just scary idea. It makes us angry because it makes us scared. Own that and sit with it for a while

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