9 causes of Homelessness

I wanted to make this picture bright and happy looking so people wouldn’t look away. Homelessness is ugly and scary but what if you knew how to prevent it. to prevent somebody losing their home you would have to know the nine reasons people do lose housing. .

Being involved with the criminal justice system.

Health issues. I think that COVID virus is a prime example of this one

Being in a natural disaster. Let’s talk Texas.

Mental health issues. Mental health issues disrupt your life and they can be once in a lifetime, they can come and go, or they can just be steadily with you without end. There’s no cure and it won’t kill you it just makes your life miserable. Imagine trying to find a job or be housed or live with other people if this is going on with you.

Substance use issues. Cost a lot of money to have a drug addiction, and if you are using drugs or have an addiction it’s disruptive to your workplace into your family life and can cause you to lose your housing. Also, people with active and disruptive addictions make terrible neighbors.

Being a victim of a crime.

Developmental or intellectual disability, lack of education. If you have a hard time navigating society you will have a hard time finding and keeping housing.

Family and domestic conflict. domestic violence is a biggie when it comes to causes of homelessness particularly among women and small children. But we also know that teens are kicked out of their homes when they come out as queer or transgender.

We’re going to talk about all these things in depth over the next couple of weeks.

What did I miss?

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