Using homeless people as your male ticket

I am so angry right now that I cannot go pick up my work cell phone. I’m livid, I’m disgusted, and I’m afraid I might say something terrible.

Right now there is a very vulnerable person in a hotel room. He is homeless and needed a place to stay and so we’ve put him in the Motel 6 while plans are being made.

The day he was to meet with me to have the reservation made and his check in to occur, a strange woman appeared with him. She claimed to be his cousin and said she needed to stay with him. She wanted him to have a room with two beds so that she could move out of the motel that she was living in and stay with him.

She didn’t have photo ID so a reservation couldn’t be made and she couldn’t be added to the formal reservation. She had her own room somewhere else and I didn’t think anything else of it.

Yesterday I received a text message that the free room that her cousin was issued was simply not up to par. She needed us to redo the reservation and guarantee a room with two beds and a refrigerator and a microwave. She expected me to deliver food to the hotel so that she could eat for free.

He’s having to spend his own money, if you know what I mean, to get food.

Why yes, I do know that he was having to spend his own money to buy food. It’s something that he and I discussed. I told him where the store was and I told him that he would be near the Tommy burgers and I assured him that he could have Uber eats deliver food to his hotel room door. She was not there that day for that conversation. She’s not a factor in this.

Her insistence that this room is not good enough is going to cost him his room. she’s going to hurt her cousin because she feels the need to grab something that was offered to someone else and claim it as her own, and then not be happy with it.

It is the, “Give a Mouse a Cookie” syndrome.

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