One of my favorite shows is @BandB_CBS The Bold and the Beautiful

there’s so much to like about the show including the fact that it’s set in Los Angeles and I like the characters and some of my favorite actors are on there but today we’re going to talk about something that really is personal to me.

Paris is a character that has returned to the storyline. She is currently studying to be a social worker focusing on homelessness and her hair is bright pink. I love this so much.

I see online that people are criticizing her about her hair.

May Nay, I say. She has this exactly right. The whole time I was in my master’s program at USC My hair was a rainbow of colors. during my graduation the Dean asked me where my purple hair was because I had it died back to normal for graduation pictures.

Dear wardrobe and casting and writers of Bold and the Beautiful, you got this one spot on. I’m very proud of you

There is actually a reason I had brightly colored hair when I went through. I was working the entire time whether it was at the county or for the university. But my hair was a variety of colors because during my internship at Mission Community Hospital I was doing group therapy at a partial day program. there was a lady who felt like nobody could connect with her and she was suicidal. She shaved her hair off and it had grown out to about an inch long and she kept changing the colors of it. She would say things like she deliberately dyed her hair color so that people would know she was different and she didn’t blend in but at the same time she felt bad that she didn’t blend in.

So I showed up with mermaid hair. And then I just went through every color I could find and every product I knew of. I used manic panic, L’Oreal’s colorista, and what I currently love which is @Overtone hair conditioner.

It worked. She saw me, a suburban mom with super funky hair and it gave us something to talk about. It also made me look less threatening and less scary. So there’s actually a function to it plus, why not.

These days my hair is still always some fun color but just at the ends so I can pop it into a puffy bun and hide all the color when I have to talk to you City officials.

Green on the tips.

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