I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.

Okay, If you just sang that in your head, you are as old as I am and loves Tom Patton and super chicken.

My point is however, I made a conscious decision to work in a dangerous job. I make the decision everyday to go into environments with gangsters and drug dealers and mentally ill people and people who are high on drugs and sexual predators and everybody that you would normally want to run away from. But my job has me there to help them. I choose to help and engage and not be afraid.

I have had guns and at me and knives pulled out at me and things thrown at me and until it’s hurled at me and here I said. I’m safe and unharmed in my living room. there is training for a nonviolent crisis intervention and the escalation training, and someday I’ll get around to taking those trainings. Until then, my biggest tool is that I don’t look like a threat and I never act like I’m a threat until even though I’m short and fat and I limp, and I am the ultimate Karen I am able to walk away from many dangerous situations.

If I had had a weapon, I might have tried less hard to engage with the person in front of me and only face the threat. of course that would have met It was easier for me to get out of my office the one time I really tall crazy man on drugs laid down and blocked the doorway for a couple of hours and then pulled the phone cord out of the wall. But I don’t think I could have lived with myself. I felt enough guilt when I helped somebody use their social security money to buy a case of tax-free cigarettes, I couldn’t have heard someone.

Well I take that back. You all know that my first day at what is now The People Concern I cold cocked a man and knocked him out mere minutes after my new supervisor had left the property. But I freaked out then too and my whole body started shaking and when he came to I sent him to his cot as if he were a naughty 4-year-old.

I do have fond memories of standing on my desk at Maximus Penn yelling at people who are misbehaving.

My friends with concealed carry permits encourage me to get a gun and carry it around.

But at the same time I really have always thought of the biblical phrase that you should “turn the other cheek”.

My will and estate plan are already written. Custodial backups have been put in place for Darla. My life insurance is fully paid up but I don’t think I’ll ever need that option because of a situation from work.

If I ever do feel that the job is too dangerous, I will quit. I have a whole fancy master’s degree that I should someday pay for. Someday I might also finish getting my hours and get a license and I can do therapy. But let’s be real, I’ll be doing therapy with monthly unwell people and that’s also dangerous.

I’m sure that a second grade teacher who was shot in her classroom thought that her job was a safe option until the school shooter showed up. Sure the minister at the black Baptist Church thought he was safe until a shooter showed up. Sure that everybody in the twin towers thought they had a safe job until an airplane fell into it.

It is a mad mad world out there and we have to love one another and take care of each other.

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