@1800Got Junk Bait and Switch

I help a lot of people move in and out of shelters, encampments, apartments, and sometimes garages. Occasionally we find that people accumulated more than they needed and sometimes it is junk that needs to be thrown away.

I don’t like to refer any program or service I have not first tried. Fortunately I hate my furniture and there is a rotting table on my patio. I want it gone so I can get something new that we don’t hate. Something that won’t trap us when we try to get up. I refuse to be one of the folks who toss items to the curb so I had to find a plan.

I had options: I could choose the City of Los Angeles’ Bulky Item pick up for free through the Dept of Sanitation, or I could go with a private company.

I called 1800GotJunk . after noticing that their website had no pricing guide. They mentioned the cost would be around $123-$150. Eek, but worth it, right?


My appointment with @1800gotjunk was for tomorrow but they called me at lunch today to say they were near my home so could they swing on by? Usually this is a boon, a service so eager to help that they come a whole day earlier? Wow. (Unless I tell you on the phone that I need an evening or weekend because I work during the days.)

Ummmmmmmmmm, I am not there and my house is not ready for guests but the man on the phone was pushing so I agreed. I called my daughter and my neighbor and arraigned for them to be there and point out the offending items.

Then the call comes.

“I am here in your house and we are ready to load the items but your couch is the size of a couch. It will take up one third of my truck! your other couch is kinda big and wow – the table will also take up space. It might be more than what we quoted you – maybe over $200 , let me see how it looks in the truck. “

After it was loaded and they were driving away I get a call “We need you to pay us. It is going to be $380”. So, this was not the “up front pricing” advertised on the web page. it was a hard sell from a nice sounding guy. It was like being robbed by the Gerber Baby.

My daughter said the guys were soo nice and explained to her that when there is already a lot of stuff in the truck already they are allowed to charge more.

I am not there, they have done the work, and I felt pressured. What would happen if I said that was more than double the price I was originally quoted? They know where I live, the HOA will freak if they dump it on my lawn . . . the only nice way to say “No” is to say “yes”.

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