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It is absolutely miserable to have to wear a mask 8 hours a day if the mask is ugly. But if the mask is an expression of who you are and can be turned into a fashion statement or a bit of whimsy, and especially if the purchase of the mask helps to cause you believe in- would you buy it and wear it?

For $25 plus shipping you receive 4 masks. The profit supports our work educating and pushing the discussion about ending homelessness.

These masks are easy to breathe through, stretchy and washable. We’ve already given a bunch of way to our homeless neighbors and friends, as well as essential services providers working with the homeless. They’re not medical grade but they will help you control what you’re pushing out and meet the various mandates about wearing masks in California.

to be completely transparent with you, I have to wear a mask 8 hours a day and so I own about 50 different styles and I have sewn more masks than I can count. AI ordered these on a whim and was so pleased with them that I kept ordering more until I discovered I we could dropship and use it to support ending homelessness in Los Angeles.

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