Why Choose a Freeway Underpass

Homelessness is many things – but to you and I – it is a visual blight.

Tents and boxes and grocery carts and clothes and trash cover the sidewalks lining the street under the freeway overpass. It is loud and car sounds echo – gas fumes linger and can’t escape which creates terrible air quality – so why do people choose to live there?


  • No competition for that land
  • I can see who is coming up to me
  • one side of me is secure and closed off so I only need to worry about 3 sides and not 4
  • Close to grocery stores
  • freeways are close to gas stations, gas stations have sinks and public toilets
  • shade in the sunny So Cal days
  • protection from the rain and winds

I don’t think anyone WANTS to be homeless, but if you are homeless outside you will be looking for a spot as sheltered as possible.

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