Homeless Services Inflaming Attachment Issues

People with happy and healthy lives don’t wander into chronic homelessness. Homeless episodes happen to folks who have experienced traumas; childhood traumas in particular.

People who are in homeless services have been “jumped and dumped” into and out of programs. Those who are asking for help and have trusted us are trying to make a connection. They are going to run hot and cold – be exasperated and angry then fluctuate to warm and congenial. It is maddening to not be able to make a sincere and stable connection. Maddening for both parties.

So imagine my heartache today as I write 42 letters telling clients we just got a month ago that they are transferring again to another agency and other case workers. They just finished introducing themselves to us and some have begun to share their traumas, barriers and goals. What is worse is that the agency who gave us the cases and is now rescinding them knew that my contract with them was ending – and they assigned us cases anyways. They knew the damage they would be doing. I did not know the contract was ending or I would have refused to take these people on. It is a massive disservice.

I am also a little salty because the person in charge of the exchange, we will call her “Auntie” is being a booger faced jerk about everything. She tried to have a web based interrogation with my team today and complained that she did not know what was happening with the cases. Ummm, no ma’am. I have the receipt showing she opened my email to her last week with an Excel sheet attachment giving updates every singe case. During one communication this week, Auntie used the phrase “if indeed” one of my team was at the shelter location she would have known about it – as if I were lying about the work and effort we have made to make connections with these folks experiencing homelessness hwo have come in off the street for assistance.

We have been reaching out to patients and making connections. One of the clients we received hasn’t had a note in the LAHSA system since 2019. Please note that today is the midpoint of 2020.

I run the team and our approach has been to meet clients, plan the work work out plan and then help them end their homelessness. We don’t take them on and keep them for years without making measurable and observable change in their housing, or mental health or in many situations their addiction.

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