Your Local “leaders” are important

Tip O’neal (you know I loved him and he is part of my “3 O’Neil Ideal” man dream) had it right on many levels that

“All Politics are local”

We elect leaders to help us all live together peacefully. they are not picking the direction we go in – they listen to us and plan, plot and lead us on a route to the destination of our communal choosing.

Leadership is a job of servitude, when done right. For that reason we call them “Public Servants”.

As you have gathered, I have “Entitlement Issues”, or as my father calls it a “Princess Complex”. As much as I spend time working to fix everyone’s crisis, I expect someone to be there to help me with societal quandaries of my own. “Who are these people that I ask to navigate me through the red tape and mysteries of civilized living in Los Angeles County?”, you ask?

These folks serve the neighborhoods where I work.

Elected Officials for @LAcity
Mayor of Los AngelesEric Garcetti
Los Angeles City ControllerRon Galperin
Los Angeles City AttorneyMike Feuer
City CouncilDistrict 12: John Lee
County SupervisorDistrict 3: Sheila Kuehl
State SenateDistrict 18: Robert Hertzberg
State AssemblyDistrict 45: Jesse Gabriel
US CongressDistrict 30: Brad Sherman
LAUSD SchoolboardDistrict 3: Scott Schmerelson
Shall we discuss my admiration for Sheila? I want her t-shirt!
Regional Services
TV ServiceCharter Spectrum
LASAN Waste Collection DayMonday
RecycLA Waste Collection ProviderWaste Management, Inc
Parking Enforcement Area OfficesValley
Transportation District OfficeWest Valley
LA Unified School DistrictBirmingham/Cleveland/Reseda
Planning / Construction
Community Planning AreaNorthridge
Engineering DistrictValley
Area Planning CommissionNorth Valley APC
Building and SafetyCheck For Permits
Check Code Enforcement
Public Safety
Neighborhood ProsecutorDevonshire
Neighborhood Fire Station103
Community Police StationDevonshire
Red Flag Parking ZoneThis address is not within a Red Flag Parking Zone.
Census Tract115403
Voter Precinct Number9002838A
Thomas Brother Map Grid530-J2
Neighborhood Council
Neighborhood Council124 – Northridge South NC
Community Emergency Preparedness ContactEmergency Management Department: 213-978-2222

Each of these names comes with an office chock full of knowledgeable and resourceful folks who can and often will work miracles that the otherwise unconnected citizen can’t.

As we are in an election year and everyone is always on Facebook talking about draining swamps and removing corruption from government, I want to invite you to get to know your own local government and the programs, departments and leaders we have in place.

I hope you will be delighted, and if not – I demand you get involved and help out.

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