Sinner not Saint, that Black Life Mattered

Fair warnings to y’all. I was a Bible Study teacher for forever. (My 1998 internet ordination doesn’t really matter here)
Don’t come at me with your

“George Floyd wasn’t a saint and doesn’t deserve his name remembered” crud

unless you want to talk about Saint Mary of Egypt, and St Augustine and all the other murderers, thieves, and jerks who had God’s favor weather they wanted it or not.

Everyone wants to be a “Good Christian” until the Holy Bible shows up. Dude.

The point of being a good person in God’s eyes isn’t living a perfect life, it is trying to have a better understanding of your creator. If we are lucky, when you and God know each other, your actions will improve and then person by person the world is transformed into a better place.

Mr. Floyd probably never signed up to be a martyr for this cause. He was as human as the rest of us; just like YOU deserve love and recognition, so does he.

Will we all get Cinderella Funerals? Ummm no. But as a White Lady I probably won’t be killed by the police in an act of systemic racism that values blacks as people who are expendable. It’s almost like we need to be reminded that black lives matter.

God and I have been buddies since I was 6. He approves this message of love and grace.

If you are bothered that your voluntary television watching has been interrupted and you are annoyed that people are discussing issues that have nothing to do with you, I am going to ask you to check in with yourself. You may not be the source of this problem but you definitely are “a problem” .  The sign I want to hold on front of you says “Other people Matter”

I think it’s safe to say that racism is the reason that we see so many people of color on Skid Row. Racism is the reason that you picture a black man when you think of a homeless person or drug addict easier than you think of a middle aged white man in a power suit. Racism sucks and we need to recognize it, obliterate it, and move on. Being annoyed that someone is pointing out racism is just…so 409 years ago.

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