My personal Update

Guys, I am fine. don’t worry. Sure, I feel like I have been in self isolation non stop for months, but this is really just the 3rd time – I am about to lose track of how many people I serve are COVID-19 positive. However, I want you to know that I

1. have an N95 Mask

2. Have gloves

3. Wash my hands (and took part of my @bbw soap collection to work)

4. Am usually locked in my office (we can Zoom or TEAMS if you want)

5. I have 2 changes of clothes at work and am taking every precaution possible.

Mostly, know that I am doing what God has called me to do and I am content in that – although poor and Darla has found her “dream house” which I can’t ever buy her 🙂

Self Isolation blows because it means I can’t cook for Darla and have to limit our contact. Thank goodness for Uber Eats and Postmates! I am also aware and thankful for your prayers for Darla, and for me, and for other reasons prayers for my family. In times of crisis, I think our urge is to jump in and helped. I feel so blessed to have the skills and opportunity to make a small difference in my community by helping people end their homelessness and find better mental health and sobriety (but to be fair, last Thursday had me day drinking an entire ounce)Be strong, hold on to each other and know that – as I told my beloved cousins – I am here to listen, even if it is just a string of curse words sent through text while you smile at everyone else.

Darla’s dream house

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