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Worst Conspiracy Ever

I’m ashamed of the forces behind this elitist global Pandemic plot. Evil genius evaluation of the NWO Covid planOh my God.This is why Group Projects are “The Worst”. Flipping China had to be a show off and turn their work in first. Like, we were supposed to take down the world economy be releasing COVID-19Continue reading “Worst Conspiracy Ever”

Anger in the wake of COVID

This is how it feels to lose someone to COVID My family became a statistic last week with the death of my mother in law from Covid-19 in Los Angeles. We were barred from being there during her last moments. She was robbed of her dignity during her last moments. She was alone, without herContinue reading “Anger in the wake of COVID”

I hope you don’t get Covid

I hope you don’t get Covid-19.If you do catch it,I hope you are asymptomatic.If you have symptoms, I hope they are mild.If they are severe, I hope you are not miserable.If they are severe:I hope you survive.If you do survive I hope you don’t have Post ICU trauma (a real form of PTSD)If you surviveContinue reading “I hope you don’t get Covid”

Not in my Hotel that I can’t afford

I am been used by the people who are outraged. They are outraged that homeless people might be housed in the Ritz or a fancy hotel. These same people begrudgingly except the idea that a Motel 6 or other chain motel might be used to house homeless people during the time of COVID-19. So, insteadContinue reading “Not in my Hotel that I can’t afford”

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