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Dear @abc, @Nbc, and other news sites,

Do us all a favor and talk about more than the news. Spend 40 seconds and have your anchor people discuss their stress and fear. Let them admit to the camera how frustrating and scary the situation is, or let them brag about how they have it under control and the systems they have in place.

As a mental health professional I would like to see the faces that I trust take a minute and ground themselves on camera. I want to see them take a deep breath and close their eyes and talk about how they can feel the ground we need their feet, the chair underneath their bum, and the note cards in their hand.

Let your newscasters discuss the frustration of face masks. Have them show the backs of their ears where the elastic has been rubbing. Show off their collection of face masks that go with their various outfits.

Let us see their hands that are sore and cracking from hand washing and bleach handling.

We do not get to see our usual friends and so our television personalities are more important than ever. Be our trusted advisors. Continue to be our reliable sources of information. Most importantly, be our friends and neighbors who are having human reactions just like we are.

In these new and strange times where we are scared but also frustrated at the measures were asked to take, it would be so helpful to have the faces we trust to educate us about the situation also be the people giving examples of self care.

Like I said, 40 seconds is all I’m asking for out of a half hour news show.

Normalize self care.

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