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Even the best of us who are happy healthy and will adjusted are feeling stressed out right now.

Imagine if you are receiving professional assistance with a substance use disorder, and mental health issue, and oh yeah you’re homeless. And now the entire world has been turned off.

And the two shelters that I run I’ve been experiencing more relapse, personal drama, and general angst.

since the residents there need to stay in the shelter because all non-essential trips have been canceled, they no longer have access to in-person therapy or in-person support groups. This is causing a forced isolation which leads to depression and relapse and all kinds of other ugly things.

So, I thought, what would make people want to be inside? How can I make this more enjoyable?

The whole world has been turned off, and the people who live in public have no place to live at all.

Yesterday, on my personal Facebook page, I put a request out for games and books and movies. All of this came from my friend Kara.

I stopped at the women’s shelter first and then went to the men’s shelter. In both places it was like Christmas and they were so deeply touched to be remembered.

I am so happy to report that other friends are also messaging me and making plans to bring movies and games over to the shelters.

I am always open for other suggestions and ideas if you have them.

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