Drama …

I had somebody knowingly expose me to COVID this week and so now I am on self isolation. Let me tell you how hard this is with a 9-year-old in the house who just is a love bug and she likes to hug and cuddle and kiss and I love it. Except now we can’t do any of that and we can’t even be in the same room because personal space means nothing to her.

So it is very very very freaking very heartbreakingly hard. Now you know.

My desk

When I am at work, I am also self isolating. That means I am locked into my office and talking to everybody through the phone and through Microsoft teams.

Super extra really glad that I own stock in Microsoft.

Today we had drunk people and theft and creepy video monitor guy and death and just a lot of confusion and collaboration.

One thing I will for sure say is that I feel very needed at work right now.

And that’s not great.

My absolute dream is to not be needed at work. I want there to be no homeless people and no crisis and everybody to be happy healthy and well-adjusted. This whole covet pandemic is the absolute opposite of all of that.

So, how did your day go?

Purple is my favorite color. My staff gave me this as a birthday gift. I always have an oil diffuser making my space smell yummy.
I had to clean up my space so it looked nice and my team’s meetings. It turns out I have a lot of really kooky odds and ends.

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