Show & Tell

Dear @abc, @Nbc, and other news sites, Do us all a favor and talk about more than the news. Spend 40 seconds and have your anchor people discuss their stress and fear. Let them admit to the camera how frustrating and scary the situation is, or let them brag about how they have it underContinue reading “Show & Tell”

Glenoaks and Paxton homeless encampment moved

This is from City Councilman Monica Rodriguez “Today marks the culmination of a week-long housing and sanitation operation at Paxton and Bradley, more than a year in the making. Some noted that tents did not come down overnight. There was a lot of careful planning that went into ensuring the residents were housed, property managedContinue reading “Glenoaks and Paxton homeless encampment moved”

Have breathalyzer, will travel

I am on my way to go visit our patients in the shelters. I’m hoping to be able to connect to Microsoft teams so they can see their case managers or at least either faces. Right now the sense of isolation is pretty strong and that is really very bad for the mental health statusContinue reading “Have breathalyzer, will travel”

It is 11pm and I’m at work

The shelter house was doing some kind of haunted plumbing acting n with sludge in the tubs and toilets. I strongly believe everyone deserves a clean place to pee and shower so we went to meet the Root Rooter guy at 8pm. He arrived at 9:15 pm. Dudes, I’m tired. I did 9 hours atContinue reading “It is 11pm and I’m at work”

Look at my orchid, is it toxic?

Now, a zoom in close for a better look… Thank you. This orchid is so demanding and I feel like I can never keep it happy. If you have friends that you want to check in with, please ask them to examine my orchid also. Call 1-800- 799-7233 for the name of a really goodContinue reading “Look at my orchid, is it toxic?”

Thank you

Even the best of us who are happy healthy and will adjusted are feeling stressed out right now. Imagine if you are receiving professional assistance with a substance use disorder, and mental health issue, and oh yeah you’re homeless. And now the entire world has been turned off. And the two shelters that I runContinue reading “Thank you”

I added a lil something to Kaiser’s photo

The super handsome guy on the bottom left of the pictures, and green and black, is my kind of sort of cousin. He is an essential employee and works at Kaiser. They made this public service picture. I like to think that I added a little some something that was needed. I refrained from theContinue reading “I added a lil something to Kaiser’s photo”

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