Back to Work Today

I am getting dressed and my first stop will be the women’s shelter.

But I’m not allowed to wear a mask, my employer won’t let me wear a mask, and I’m also discouraged from working at home (because how much work will I really get done?!?). The Covid-19 death toll is climbing in LA. Other shelters are posting photos with the CEO and staff wearing masks. Mine? Nope. We can’t even wear home made cloth masks to protect others from our own germs.

My daughter can school from home, but I can’t work from home?!?

It’s pretty reckless. It is also scary, for me, and for my daughter.

I can’t ask anyone to watch her because she site in the car, less than 3 feet away from me. There is no “Social Distancing” there. Anything I breathe into her can be taken into a house or shared with someone who loves her enough to watch her in a pandemic.

I don’t mind being an “essential employee”, but I am angry that I’m not essential enough to be protected by my employer.

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