#2020LACountyHIConference take aways

I’m sitting at this conference in a lovely room with 600 other people (I did 3rd grade math , 10 bodies per table, 40 tables in the room and an overflow room).

This is what I’m taking from the conference… Granted, I’m cranky from spending $24 parking and being turned away from the registration...

Jason Elliott knows his stuff

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has a Housing and Homelessness office. Jason Elliott is the Sr. Counselor. He is well spoken and has so much information. He has been the best part of the day.

Phil Ansell has a wonderful brain and personality, but don’t let him emcee anymore. He yells into the mic and everyone flinched.

Less glad handing. This is not the Homeless Oscars. Dear gosh, photo ops and high praise are cool but I’m came here to work and get information.

Prevention of homelessness sounds cool and all, but what are your plans? Do we have tools and training?

To the super annoyed lady who was mad that black women were left out of Spa 4’s slides… A men. You’re right.

To the homeless gent who pointed out that alcohol companies don’t take part in the CA recycling refund policy. Wow. I bet nobody has ever pointed that out.

Prop H funds… I’m dissapointed.

It is so easy to tell the difference between the “talkers” and the “walkers”.

I learned very little today. I don’t know that this was worth the $24 o paid in parking.

If you leave your wallet or business cards in your car, the Millennium Biltmore staff will save you.

We need more places to shelter folks.

Friends in Deed in the house!

Hospital discharge doesn’t have any connected housing for homeless exits. The law changed to prevent homeless dumping.

The Governor’s office clearly doesn’t know that Rapid Rehousing is so not rapid. It takes weeks for a check to be written and first a home has to be identified.

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One thought on “#2020LACountyHIConference take aways

  1. I was at the back of the room, (having made reservations aeons ago, as a person with ‘lived experience’) — sorry to have missed seeing you.

    If you did not get the chance to check out the information and dialogue in the Emerald Room — “Problem-Solving: Anyone Can Help Divert People From Entering Homeless Services System” moderated by Alex Devin, LAHSA and panel; let’s make time to meet or Zoom or e-mail — because this one was of the run-away gems of the Conference. I intend to take the training as a non-traditional partner.

    Since you and your mom gave me a brilliant home-warming gift as I left one of the two homelessness scenarios that have been visited on me since 2010; I’d love to return a lead to you on what I feel is a great paradigm shifting mechanism in place and functioning within the system right now.

    Collaboration is key! Vive no-silos!


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