#2020LACountyHIConference take aways

I’m sitting at this conference in a lovely room with 600 other people (I did 3rd grade math , 10 bodies per table, 40 tables in the room and an overflow room). This is what I’m taking from the conference… Granted, I’m cranky from spending $24 parking and being turned away from the registration… CaliforniaContinue reading “#2020LACountyHIConference take aways”

The Homeless Scorecard

Sometimes I work with someone who is homeless and it is like playing a game of “Bingo blackout”, where almost every cause or reinforcement of poverty/homelessmess is present. This is not a fun game…it it the mental checklist I use to sort needs and plan care. Using this I can see and sort needs andContinue reading “The Homeless Scorecard”

Ummmm, not on the list

#2020LACountyHIConference , I registered but I’m “not on the list” so I’ve been told to wait in the lobby while everyone has breakfast. I am hoping that the poor planning of this LA County conference isn’t indicative of why we have a homeless crisis.

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