The Game to Teach You how to Identify and treat homelessness

Learning is fun, and studies have shown that you remember better when you enjoy the process.

Training Game

Several times a day I’m asked to examine someone’s living situation and give a determination of their housing status.

What I know to be true, and my understanding of the federal guidelines of homelessness has been information that’s held only in my head.

My coworkers don’t have a clear guideline. Other departments don’t have a reference point. Other agencies are unclear as to who is homeless and who is housed, and of course there’s always the question of who is the most vulnerable and needs the most help.

So I made a game to help myself tear the definition apart and apply it to situations that I see regularly. I researched the definitions and I looked at everything I could find in Los Angeles, California, and in the United States. Interestingly, the best information I found was from Canada.

I made an amalgam of all of that information as it applies to working with single homeless adults, and how to write a case plan to address their housing issues.

Yesterday we tried it out with my staff and they actually had fun with it and it led to some pretty good conversations.

I am still fine-tuning it, if you would like a copy, please let me know. I have made lots and lots of pieces and I have a couple sets I can send out for free or deliver if you are in the area. All that I ask is for your opinion and feedback.

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