Defining Homelessness



  • Living in public or private spaces without permission:
  • Tents,
  • cartcars,
  • RVs,
  • under bridges,
  • etc.

Plan – Connect to C.E.S. for Homeless Case Management. Call 211 for the local service provider.

  • – Connect Pt to Medi-Cal
  • – Consider Dept of Mental Health Eval
  • – Connect to Dept of Social Services
  • – Connect to Treatment Center if needed
  • -Evaluate urgent needs

Emergency Sheltered

  • Winter Shelter
  • Ascencia, URM, Missions
  • other homeless shelter

Plan: Connect to a CES provider for Homeless Case Management

– all of the above, plus –

  • –    Focus on increasing income
  • Apply for GR/Welfare benefits
  • Apply for Social Security if appropriate
  • –    Apply for the Pilot Project at DPSS
  • –    Look for affordable housing

Provisionally Accommodatedhidddd

  • Temporary stay not exceeding time limits which would end their homeless episode:
  •  Bridge Housing for 90 days or less
  •  Motel dwellers <30 days
  • Couch surfing< 2 weeks in 6 months
  • Medi-Cal paid Sober Living

Plan: Connect to CES for Homeless Case Management

  • -Focus on increasing income
  •               — apply for 10 jobs a week, sign up with Employment Agency
  • –    Look for affordable housing,
  •               — price Sober Living beds
  • –    Use a monthly budget


Unhappily Housed

  • Private Pay Sober Living
  • Staying with
  • Family,
  • Friends,
  • or independently

and can continue to live there, although the fit may not feel happy or healthy.

Plan:  Case Manage this PT with problem solving to prevent them from becoming homeless 


Living in a place where they can expect to stay-

Plan: Work with patient to return the patient to their family / home of origin

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